1 December 2007

In full swing now!

Week one almost coming to conclusion and a good start to the season. I have had some solid sets in the pool. I don't think I have lost too much. Maybe just some overall fitness. I did a personal best 200m kick late in the recovery weeks. Infact I did a personal best 100kick within the 200. 1.15 for the 100 and 2.38 for the 200. Ok I went out a bit too hard, I know. I felt it in my legs.

Rode up the Observatory 5 times Monday and it began to snow for the last two reps. I absolutely love this climb! It was perfect! A mist covered mountain, pouring rain (then snow), plus the road was closed so I had the entire road to practice down hill cornering in rain. Finished off the ride hard just to keep warm as I sped home. So that was certainly a highlight of the past week. Kind of like this photo that I have altered -->

Well, other than training, my Latte art is coming along nicely.
<-- My personal best, Rosetta! But That is all for now,
Ciao for now,

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