8 October 2007

Royal Victoria Half-Marathon

For my first half-Marathon I am pretty happy. I was out in 35.47(10km) and back in 37.52(10km) plus the extra km. So a little tough on the second half, But I was cramping up for the last 3km. For the last 500m I was sprinting it in with another competitor and I just began to puke continuously for the entire 300m. It must have looked so Hard care/Gross. I just kept running...All in all, a good experience, a good starting point and look forward to building apon this. My final time was 1.17.08.




So that was my First Half-Marathon Experience. Hehe. I think I am am still experiencing it in my legs. hehe.

Well Hope all is well,

Ciao for now,



Sony Keys Gawley said...

HAHAHAHA. That's sweet. LOL. Gotta love puking.

Chris Riekert said...

great job man!!!