8 June 2007

Well I don't have much time because I am in an Internet Cafe. But I was in my room and I began to take some pictures and I was reminded of a photographic technique that I have done in the past. So I made this photo seen below: (Click Photo and Scroll Left to Right)

This is the View from my hotel room.
All I can say is,
Not bad, Not bad at all.
Well I will be honest but I am getting quite nervous about the race but Excited Nervous.(which is good) Ran to the race briefing and saw the entire gang again. It was nice to see everyone, Paul, Jordan and all. The course looks tough. The hill up Thurlow seems shorter but steeper than I pictured. But I have always been a "climber," and you can expect a breakaway attempt on this hill on at least one of the 8 laps.(he he or all 8) I will be ready.
Next post will probably be a race report.
Ciao For Now,
Andrew McCartney

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