6 June 2007

Round Two!

Hello everyone,

With Honolulu still fresh in my mind I have been visualizing Vancouver over and over. In the past week and a half I have been very focused on taking advantage of every effort and I know now that based on my training I am setting myself up for something good.

This Sunday will be my first World Cup and better yet it is in Vancouver, the place that I was born and just an hour and a half boat trip away. Not bad. It is a beautiful course. Swimming in English Bay we exit and cycle along Beach Drive. Up a steep climb along Thurlow and back along Davies St. for a 8x 5km loop. The run is similar in that we go out along Beach Dr. and back into Stanley park a 3x 3.3km loop.
2007 Vancouver BG Triathlon World Cup Promo

As for the body, it is sharpening up, with the taper everything begins to loosen off. Energy levels are rising and it is an all round good feeling. We have had a number of beautiful days out in the lakes and did a personal season best of 15.10 for a 1350m loop which will be a good starting point for the remainder of the season. I have got to work on my sighting so I can make the swim more like 1350m and less like 1400. Running has been going well, still stretching out my endurance. It is nice to know that my speed is still strong from the indoor track season as seen in the workout at Durrance Lake the other day. The set was 5km tempo then 10x400m. In the last while we have had some solid sets on the bike. We do this loop called the Waddling Dog Loop. We usually start out with some Motor Pacing which is always so much fun tucking behind either the scooter or the motor bike depending if it is Joel or Steve. Then we split off and do a time trial. We started out doing just one loop and then moved up to two loops Time trialing. My personal best for one loop is 12.04 and for two is 25.20 (splitting: 12.35 and 12.45) So riding is going well. So looking back I know the engine is there, now it is time to execute. Un-leash the "killer instinct."
This song is perfect for Cycling. Cycling is a sport of enduring... enduring that inevitable feeling of hurt. The Hurt you feel nearing the end of a cycling race is un-like any other...like a Lactic-Overload. I found this video to the song "Hurt"... sung by who else than the man in Black. Johnny Cash. The song alone makes you hurt.

Johnny Cash - Hurt

Well that is all,
till next time, ciao for now.
Andrew McCartney

Todays Top 5.

Top 5 Alternative European Bands:
  1. Belle and Sebastian ("Stars of track and Field" Vikes you remember this one...he he) (see also)
  2. Au Pairs (you will have to download this one Au Pairs - It's Obvious)

PS. Something Interesting

Charley "Mile-a-Minute" Murphy

His "mile-a-minute" feat was accomplished in 1899. At that time traveling faster than the fastest automobile. Notice the large windscreen on the train in front of him which greatly reduced wind resistance. Joel We have to do this next for Motor Pacing. ;)


Anonymous said...

good luck!

Anonymous said...

you put too much pressure on yourself andrew... Command, it's your first world cup, just go out there and race hard, no matter what the result will be.

Have a great Race.


Anonymous said...

Johnny Cash covered the song from Nine Inch Nails... some say his version is better.... some say... I like both...

You know who....

Andrew McCartney said...

Ya both Versions are sooo good in there own unique way.

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