20 October 2013

London World Triathlon Grand Final and a Year in Review.


First off, a race report:

London, England. With the Senior World Triathlon Grand Final just around the corner, everything was falling into place, I was confident and absolutely enjoying myself, enjoying the experience and eager to take advantage of the opportunity on Sunday September the twelfth. My body felt strong, I had a very smooth interview with CBC and risotto with coach Alan and Steph most nights. We had such an awesome support crew. Even with everything in place however sometimes there are certain things that are just purely out of your control.

Sunday morning, I woke up with a horrible kink in the neck...... I quite literally could not turn my head left. I jumped out of bed and ran to Sue Loft's apartment. There was little that could be done accept ensure me that I would not do any damage wrenching my neck to look left. I accepted the fact and moved on.

Ranked 34th I started in the middle of the pack. I had a fast start. From what I could see I was in descent position. Upon arrival at the first buoy I got blindsided. I could not see what was coming from my left and got roughed up. There was no chance of bi-latteral breathing and was swimming blind.

I exited the water in sub par position. (10th)

I jumped on the bike and rode hard. Needless to say my neck was a distraction. I was struggling to get on to Gomez's wheel and settled for a small 2nd pack of 6. We got into it quickly. Rolling through well as my goal was to get back to the front break. Soon however we were joined by almost the entire field. The rain and wind picked up and it got messy. With the kink in the neck I was surely going to cause an accident. For safety sake I slipped further and further back in the pack till I was sprinting hard out of every corner and working way too hard. Finally I was strung out, I sprinted to get back to the pack and in doing so began to cramp up. I rode the final two laps on my own trying to limit the damage.

Off the bike I ran as hard as I could on the edge of cramping. Tempo effort was all I could do at this point in the race. If I took it up to my goal pace I felt my legs seizing up. I finished....disappointed and angry.

Results can be found HERE.

5 weeks later and after a 1 month of down time, I have had a lot of time to reflect on the season and look to the future.

I read over my goals for the 2013 season and I have achieved many and surprised myself in some ways. Although it is not how I had planned to finish the season I am excited about a number of opportunities in the 2014 season.  Starting in November I will be working with coach Jamie Turner who I believe will bring my training to another level. Jamie has a huge amount of experience and knowledge. I am eager to learn.

Some changes of my own include something I have known for some time but have not been in the position to acquire. I have now read three books on the importance/how-to's of training and racing with a power meter. Training will no longer be a guessing game. Consistent and efficient training.

I am so lucky.

I have the best group of people around me.

My partner Brianna who has been so supportive over the years. I love you.

My parents who have given me this chance and these memories.

My coach Alan Carlson who Motor paced me through some of the worst weather Victoria has to offer and stood on a dock through stormy rainy open water swims.
My sponsors Mizuno (10 years and counting), Wilier, OGC/Giro, Aquasphere Wetsuits and Smith Optics.


Here is to the season to come.

Ciao for now,

Andrew McCartney

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