6 June 2013

5 Days of Racing

Last Weekend I had a very fun past 5 days of racing in. My next big race is Kitzbuhel World Triathlon Series Race, with a ride consisting of a 5km flat leading into a grueling ascent up Kitzbuhel Horn mountain(11.5km) Video Click HERE. Finishing off with another 135m ascent for the run.(2.5km) With this in mind I used the Robert Cameron Cycling Festival to prepare. 

Day one was the Rumble Dallas Road Time Trial which consisted of a fast and furious 5km sprint along Dallas road with two 180 turns. Unfortunately I didn't get a warm up in but it was a good quick workout. It could have been better but I am content considering the lack of warm up.

Next up was an opportunity to race Cat 1/2 BC Road Championships. 
This was a battle of attrition with the route taking us up Rocky Point Road, right and further up to the top of the steep Liberty Road and back around the technical Kangaroo Road. Entire teams were dropped. Every lap more and more people were popped off the back. This was definitely one of the most difficult races Ive been a part of with some big names in the cycling world driving the pace. Unfortunately along Rocky Point Road some cars got on the course and split the pack and I did everything I could to get back in the lead pack but this shattered my legs in the process. I held in for 90 out of the 120km race. I felt awesome on the climbs and it was a perfect workout to prepare for Kitzbuhel. 

I recovered well for the next days Bastion Square Grand Prix.
I raced really smart here. I wanted to breakaway but I knew I had to commit to one attack. I positioned myself well and stayed patient as the attacks came often but none of them stayed away. Finally with 12km to go I saw my chance and attacked. I was joined by two others. I poured everything I could into it and we were off. With a large gap the sprint would come down to the 3 of us. I didnt want to get in a sprint finish with Mike Korb so I attacked several times in the last 2 laps. Joel Taylor lost contact but I was stuck sprinting it in with Korb. I was at the front, I tried to keep the speed high but he came by me on the line. Super fun. I don't quite have the sprinters legs.

The very next Wednesday I was back racing. The full Russ Hayes Crew was out and my goal was to make it as hard of a race as possible for everyone. Every chance I could I tried a Break or pinned the hills. I felt in control of the race. The pack was reduced to about 8 of us(down from 25ish) It got to the point where it was almost expected for me to attack. The race came down to a sprint finish and I finished 4th.

Thats all for now, next stop Barrie Ontario and then Edmonton. 
But more on that later.
Ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney

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