29 January 2013

Cobble Hill 10km Report

Training is certainly picking up. We are gradually bringing up the volume on the bike.
This past week has been a good challenge finishing with the Cobble Hill 10km. Friday and Saturday made for a frantic need to loosen off my legs. An assortment of dips in the ocean, Epsom salt baths and lathering my legs in Traumeel. I did manage to put my foot on the line feeling confident in the condition of my legs.
I believe I am capable of a 31min 10km. I base this off my training and the Pioneer 8km. I raced the 8km with a cold and 2km more at the same pace seemed reasonable. However on race morning I discovered that the current course record was 31.11 set in 2008 by Steve Osaduik. Steve is a highly regarded runner and if his record is 31.11 then it is not a course for personal bests.
I was deep in conversation with Geoff Martinson when the countdown began. I focused in and we were off. 3 fast steps and I was in the clear running side by side with Geoff. I settled in on my goal pace of 3.06 and held it for the first 3km. This is when the climbing began. My pace dropped significantly for the next 4 kilometres as the course gradually climbed. Around km 5 Sean Chester joined me and we would battle it out till the very end. He had me against the rails several times along the way but I put in my own surges. We ran about 4 kilometres worth of 'Farltlek' running. In doing so we managed to get the average pace down. 1km to go I was looking at Sean and thinking... how are his sprinting legs. He is a strong guy and I wasn't sure if I wanted to come down to a drag race.... Looking at the Garmin GPS, I could see that we had 400m to go. So I decided to go for it. Bringing in a bit of cycling mental tactics, "I know I am red-lining it, but perhaps I can fake my strength." So like a lightbulb before it is out I had a flash of brilliance and then I was burnt out. I may have gapped him a bit but with 75m to go he came by. Sean had called my bluff. My final time was 31.57 which was good enough for 3rd place. Results can be found HERE.

I havn't had this much fun in a run since indoor track season back in my mile days representing UVIC. The battle we had, back and forth made for a very entertaining tactical race.

I am happy with my race. I can't help but to wish I reached my goal of 31minutes but for this course and this day I am pleased. I can't wait for the next 10km... hopefully on a flat course.

This coming week I am quite excited for the major mileage starting tomorrow. Wish me luck.

More on that later,
Hope all is well,
Andrew McCartney

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