15 October 2011

Been a While.

And so my season has come to a conclusion. My final race of the season was nationals in Kelowna, BC. I was in great spirits as I was basically racing in my back yard, a course that suited my strengths and I had the confidence that I have had a good track record on this course.
Sadly two days before race day, I got food poisoning from a chicken stir fry at Earls.... I thought Earls would be the safe bet but for the next day and a half I was hiding in my hotel room drinking water to excess. 
Come race day I was healthy but evidently over-hyrdrated as when I exited the water, the cramping began. In a small break including Simon Whitfield, Kyle Jones, Jon Bird, and 3 others. I felt we worked well together building a 80second lead. Entering T2 we were disappointed and surprised to see the main pack on our heals. On to the run, every muscle in my body began cramping full. I ran through a lot of pain. 4 days after the race I was still in crutches.
I am very disappointed. This was not the way I wished to conclude the season. 
I have parked it now. It has been a hard pill to swallow but I am not one to wallow in my disappointments. I decided to finish the season there and focus on 2012. 
For 2012, while I am still training with future Olympics in mind, next season I intend to compete in a number of non-drafting events. Specifically the 5150 Series. The Series is up at http://5150.com/events/ I am still waiting for the updated schedule for ITU but after discussion with coach ill have an accurate schedule planned.
For now, the boys and I are building back into training. Swimming no more than 3.5km at a time. Nice build into both running and cycling. (Unlike last year) 
Stay tuned for a year in review post. 
Meanwhile, check out this video. Intended for technical feedback

Hope all is well,
ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney

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