29 April 2011

18 days of Southern Living.

Ahhh, Home once again. I am sure I have said it before but as lovely as it is to be abroad in another country, another climate and entirely new experiences; there is nothing like returning home to the smell of the salty ocean, the comfort of your own bed and most of all, to be with friend and family. I do however really appreciate the diversity not only in the people I meet along the way but in the landscapes too. In a state like Arizona one moment you are riding through desert and the next, tundra/alpine forests with snow peaked mountains. Much to a Geographer's delight.

The past 18 days have been spent in Arizona, training with the squad in some amazing venues that make you stop to think of how lucky you really are. I began the camp slowly with a case of Food poisoning which kept me in bed for the first couple of days but I had a good build throughout the camp to a strong finish. With my first race precisely a month away in Ixtapa Mexico, I feel a great boost in fitness from this camp.

It is so valuable to have equally motivated people around you. I gain strength from them; when times are difficult you only have to look beside you to snap out of it. We are hard on each other at times but we definitely have something very cool going here under the guidance of some wicked coaching and support staff.

New to the support staff is Marilyn Adams. Marilyn is a Registered Physiotherapist who after observing us and assessing your strengths and weaknesses, has found some very interesting and exciting weaknesses of mine. This may sound odd that I am thrilled about a fault in my muscularity. Basically from years of swimming and bad habits, I have poor posture. I need to correct this. ASAP. (I really do have miserable posture. See Appendix A) With this change the benefits could be exciting. So friends in Victoria, if you see me walk by with my shoulders forward, knees locked, and pelvis back, you have permission to discipline me. It would be much appreciated.

Well that is all for now,
Hope all is well n'Ciao for now,

Another wicked track by Death Cab for Cutie called 'You are a Tourist'
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