28 January 2011

Maui Training Camp 2011....Oh man! Is it 2011 now!?!?!

First off, fairly new to the music scene is a song I have been biking to, running to and trying to swim to as it has this relentless beat to it that is perfect for training especially when you are trying to get into a rhythm. I have always like the music by Cut Copy and once again they come out with a song that is sure to please. The Song is called, ‘Need You Now’ I hope you like it too,
Cut Copy - Need You Now
Need You Now by cutcopymusic

I am in the final week of the annual 3week training camp here in Maui. Unlike last year I am going to finish the camp healthier then I arrived. Flashback; last year I came down with an Sinus infection which put me out of commission for 6weeks and left me bed ridden for the last 2/3s of the camp. It was dreadful. This year, I am healthy and gaining some good fitness for the 2011 season. We are working hard here and the gains should give all of us a good start to the season. 
Swimming has been fantastic. We are mixing it between the pool at the break of dawn and of course the ocean. The waves have not been huge but enough for some bodysurfing at the end of most workouts. We would swim swim swim and all pause for a moment to watch at turtle effortlessly slide by. 

Cycling never disappoints in Maui. Kyle Jones, Andrew Russell, Jon Bird and I are renting Ryder Hesjedal house for the 3 weeks so inspiration is quite literally on the walls. We have done all the amazing rides except the final 3000ft of elevation to the top of the 10,000ft climb to the crater but 7000ft of climbing seemed enough on the day. We had a few spills here and there early in the camp but all seem to be healing up well.

I am building up my running from an injury but I am well again and progressing quickly. My latest run was a 45minute grind continuously up, up and up. from an elevation of 400ft to 1750ft. I got a lot of ‘Hang loose’ gestures along the way. Just the encouragement I needed.
So 3 days to go here in Maui. I’m loving the heat, enjoying the company and starting to feel fit n’strong. 
Time for rest.

Hope all is well and ciao for now,

Andrew McCartney

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Gregwh said...

Good tunes. Glad to hear this training camp/year is starting off better for you than last year. Climb to the sun before you leave.