23 November 2010

Been Around

First Off Some Music:

A Band that Simon brought to my attention is a group from Hamilton Ontario.
Here are three songs by Wax Mannequin.

Wax Mannequin - Black Bells

Wax Mannequin - The End

Wax Mannequin - Message from the Queen

Here is an erie, interesting song and Video.
Bat For Lashes - Whats a Girl To Do


So the boys and I skipped town and went south for a couple of weeks to northern Arizona for a training camp. It was not only nice to escape the ever looming winter engulfing Victoria but the adventures we had were amazing. I had a number of adventures on my own in which I was dropped off in the desert and guided by the sun I climbed to the top of rocks, marched over hills, trudged through thick forest and quite literally down cliffs in order to get back to the hotel. I felt like Survivor Man and ought to have an accent. We made time for some awesome mountain bike rides in which I caught the bug. Now at home with a blanket of snow surrounding, I hope to get out on the trails that the west coast has to offer. A little less Cacti but much more mud. We all had a blast while putting in some solid training. Here are some photographs from the adventures.
Now at home, we are back at it and I am back to my Culinary experiments and progress is delicious. I have been taking a lot of joy from cooking for friends and family. Here are some of my personal bests so far.
Bon appetito.
Petite Thuet Tarte Tatin;
-Apples cooked upside down in Caramel, with Puff Pastry. (from scratch)
Roasted Beets n' pecans Salad with Butternut squash enchiladas with salsa verde Sauce

Ginger Fried Beef and Honey Mustard Carrots
Five-spice pumpkin-Ginger Cake
Pomegranate n'Cranberry Bavarian Creme

Lemon Curd Creme Brule

That is all for now. 
Take care and Ciao for now,

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