16 August 2010

Geneva European Cup Stage 13

Stage 12 (Saturday)

Today’s stage consisted of some activation in the morning both in Aix Les Bains and on course in Geneva. Later in the day would be our biggest adventure of the trip.

Our European adventure continued with some bad luck. At the last minute our Geneva home stay fell through. We tried to get a hotel in town but everything was full. So we decided to simply make the trip each day via an hour train ride. However after the race briefing there was an incident affecting the rails. Our only option was to take the train to a city called Grenoble about an hour past of Aix Les Bains. We had an hour wait there then a train ride back up to Aix Les Bains. Though the situation was not ideal, we were all in good spirits. After all, no European trip is complete without a bit of chaos.

Stage 13 (Sunday)
Thirteenth stage….fancy that.

Stage thirteen was a windy, rainy day in Geneva.

It was a quiet train home for the Canadians. We all had our disappointments today. I finished the race grabbed my bike and began heading for the train.

Quite simply I was flat from the gun. I began the race with one of my worst swims of my life. From the gun I was stuck in 2nd gear unable to really do anything but get on some feet. I felt dreadful. I was flat as a pancake. Out of the water in the middle of it all. I ran hard through transition to fight for every spot. I came out in 2nd pack, I time trialed up to 1st pack on the false flat section and did my best to recover in time for the climb. When we arrived at the climb I got strung out and was picked up by second pack. Still feeling flat I got dropped on the next climb. The final 30km or so of riding I was alone time trialing. I talked myself through it setting minor goals as I rode. As I entered t2 I saw that pack 3 had finally caught me in time for the run. I couldn’t help but to laugh under my breath at my misfortune. Heading out on the run I did not give up, I simply ran the best I could with what was left.

Stage 14 (Monday)
Today was a recovery day. We took care of certain errands including laundry and what not. With the race still in our minds, the boys and I ate, slept and sat in a café throughout the day avoiding the subject of yesterday’s race.
Though with one week left in Europe and two important races Saturday n’ Sunday, the sooner we re-focus the better. Time to make the most of the opportunities at hand.

So let’s make the most of it!

“One man with courage makes a majority” – Andrew Jackson
“A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trials.” – Chinese Proverb

That is all for now,

Andrew McCartney

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