2 January 2010

Long day in the pool and off to Maui

So a true test of mental toughness is a 10km swim. Especially when you begin it with the goal of making it hard on yourself. It all seemed to catch up at about 7km into the workout when we began some Break point/best average sets. Over the next couple of Km's of swimming my arms would begin to go numb. I would be unsure if I am pulling any water at all. All I can do is observe each hand and try to make the imitation of a swim stroke. Swimming beside Sharpe and Brook made for an awesome challenge. There was a definite sense of accomplishment by all to complete the 10km swim.
On Monday I will be leaving for a month in Maui. The first week I will be attending a camp with Simon, Svien Tuft and Peter Reid. These three are putting on a camp of their own and I will be tagging along for a week. Then Simon and I will be moving to the otherside of the Island for the National Team Training Camp. We have a great group of athletes joining and we are sure to see an elevation of our overall fitness.

My next post will be on a very different, much smaller and much warmer Island.

Ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney

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