11 January 2010

Here we go now, to the North Side.

Simon, Sam and I have packed up and moved to the North Side of the Island. I am staying in a house about 3miles up Baldwin from Paia. Last night was pretty lonely with the place to myself but I will soon be joined by Jeff, Austin Andrew R and Coach Patrick Kelly. The Official Day one of the camp begins tomorrow with a jog in the am, Swim in the outdoor 25 yard pool and a base ride in the afternoon.
It will be nice to get on a regular schedule. The last week was such a fantastic experience. Many many swims out in the ocean. I did get a bit of heat stroke which put me out of commission for a day and a half but have made adjustments to my fluid/food intake. All in all, I have made some great friends in the past week.
So let the Camp begin, I am remembering last years Maui camp and the nights where I was not sure I would survive the next day. I am sure I will experience the same over the next 3 weeks. It will be an adventure.

As for now, It is time for bed,
Hope all is well n'ciao for now,

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Gregwh said...

Andrew, Good times this past week in Maui. Mahalo for the great workouts. It was very difficult to leave Paradise and newfound friends behind. Have a great training camp. Greg