24 September 2009

Off Season

In order to keep a bit sane with the little amount of training I am doing in this time of year, I have been keeping myself busy. I am working my way through a massive text book based on Dreamweaver. This is a program designed by Adobe for the creation of websites.

On a lighter side I have been distracted by the ocean. Out on the open sea sailing a Laser out in Cadboro Bay or windsurfing in Cordova Bay. My windsurfer is a garage sale special, pretty water logged, but still manages to get going in a constant wind. Now sailing a Laser is another challenge, harnessing the wind the best you can without being taken over and capsized. Its a riot.
Oh and you can't forget Dock Ball. Scotty, Craiger, Big Matty Sharp and I head down to the docks of Elk Lake and play a very serious game where we either kick or toss a volleyball DBall Regulation size) between two docks about 15m apart. (Regulation distance) with the goal to land the ball on the opposite dock. It gets a bit more complicated but those are the basics. Oh ya and we take ourselves and this new found sport very seriously....

Ciao for now,


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