15 May 2009

Pre-Race Report.

Captain's Log Pre-race report, and I'm going to be high as a kite by then... Rocket man....

Tomorrow I along with 67 other athletes will be racing PATCO. It is a strong field down here in Oklahoma and it should be a good race. The swim has been changed a bit to go under a couple of bridges up and down the river. The Bike is flat out and back ride but with strong winds which should add an element to the ride and run. The run is flat as well on a winding paved trail.

A lot of emotions going through my mind going into this race...nervousness, excitement and anxiety. I have found comfort in encouraging words from my parents my friends and of course the quotes that I surround myself with on a regular basis. On special occasions I look back to an e-mail from my more inteligent Sister. She wrote me this before Worlds in 2006. Well here it is:

"As for your big day tomorrow, I have sooo much confidence in your abilities, there really is nothing stopping you. I think that existentialism can be a great motivator in times like these. I use an existential perspective when ever i feel limitations bearing down on me- we often create invisible barriers when we become nervous, when infact these are all manifestations of the imagination. Instead, I am completely free in every moment, and with this freedom i am completely free to choose what I do with that moment. remember that life is only a series moments, thus each moment dangles in time completely separate from past and future- the feeling that past/future pend on you is just a creation of your mind. anyways, you've done all your training in right? you've put all the hours in? of course, so all you can do now is live each moment to it's fullest from here on out."
-Jenny McCartney
Also at then end of my blog posts I have been saying "No Cotton Wool" I have been refering to the quote by Roger Bannister. I believe this is the attitude you need going into a race. here it is:
“When the final came I had built myself up to withstand any set back. I no longer wanted to be wrapped in cotton wool. If my spikes had split now I should have run in bare feet. If I were knocked over I would not feel martyred, but would draw new impetus from my anger.”
-Roger Bannister
Well I will be punctual with a race report. For now I have my nose up against the window looking at the change in weather. It is difficult to see past the amount of rain pouring down sideways outside the window. Well what you can see is the Lightning that is directly above us. Wow I think I got a tan today, and now look at it. You know it is stormy when the ground rumbles.
Well off to bed,
Hope all is well out there,
Ciao for now,
No Cotton Wool

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Anonymous said...

no quote from 'once a runner'? I;m very disappointed haha best of luck, jair