27 May 2009

Home from the Rodeo.

What a very interesting race! Certainly not the way I had hoped nor predicted the race to unfold. What I did do is I turned a number of rather disappointing and poor situations into a good one. Last week I had a good first 2/3rds of the triathlon. In Austin I believe I am finding my legs in the other 1/3rd. So with round two finished I am fairly pleased with the end result. So here is how it played out pour moi.
The swim start was messy but could have been much worse. Close to 50 guys lined up for a deep water start along a rope long enough for about 20 guys. The Horn came quick both for me and the starting rope which was lifted just after I put an arm over it. I got tangled up as I pressed forward hoping they would let go of the rope. Nope. So I untangled myself and here is where I got lucky. At the feet of the two guys beside me, they could have easily squeezed me out. Luckily they held there lines and I swam through the gap to get to the front. On my left was Cameron Dye and my right was Mark Van Akkeren. For the next 800 it was a bit of a battle for who would lead the swim between the three of us. I checked my ego and went to Marks Feet. I looked back to see a gap form including Brian Fleischmann in the mix. My time out of the water ended up being 16.20.

Fighting for position out of the water I ended up 4th. But with a fantastically smooth and fast transition I was 2nd out of T1. :32sec
With a slim lead of 20sec the pace was FAST with some massive pulls by Mark and Cameron. I on the other hand was struggling. I was absolutely as flat as the course we rode, simply no wattage. There was a difference between the break in Austin and the break in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma the pulls were smooth without sudden accelerations. We did extend our gap but in doing so I was unable to react to an effort and was dropped when starting the second lap. I time trialed alone for a lap in no mans land eventually being joined by the very large Second pack. The second pack was actually gaining on the lead pack of 3 narrowing the their lead to about a minute. On the final lap I was setting myself up in a good position leading into the run. At that moment a couple of guys rubbed wheels causing a domino effect where I managed to avoid by bunny hopping over someone’s head. It scattered the pack but a group of us came out unscathed. With about a km to go till the transition I attacked with the plan to lead into T2. I did get a gap. Though it was small it was enough to set me up for a good start to the run. Split: 54:39

T2 was smooth, not my fastest but I got out in a good position. Split: 1.16

It took me about 500m to get my legs going. Which seemed to generally decide the order of finish. I believe I did play it a bit more on the safe side(Just don't Cramp) and I definitely built into the run. I know that I can take a bit more of a risk next time. The big news of the day was I didn’t cramp. Hydration was good. I ended up catching Cameron and Mark from the lead pack and with a sprint finish with Brazilian, Marcus Vinicius Fernandes for 9th and 10th. I was awarded 9th place with a real lean for the line(Ugly Photo) with a final run split of 32.50

Full Results Found Here.

So, I did a lot right this weekend with a lot of good decisions both before and during the event. Mediocre swim, disappointing ride and a redeeming run. I have made note of the positives to keep me sane. More importantly I have made note of what I need to work on. When I get home I will get right to it. My body feels recovered, so why not.

Let’s keep the ball rolling,
Hope all is well,
Andrew McCartney

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