24 January 2009

Where was I...

Ok so, back track a bit...

Swims have been good, working hard hard hard but feeling strong.

Thursday, was an awesome ride out along the north western shore. Fantastic roads. A bit bumpy and some sketchy corners. What a view, as you can see from the photographs below. So all is well until i realized I was fresh out of water and gels, and with a long long grind of about 17km climb into the wind. Which finished me off for the day. Then Kyle and I struggled together, semi lost, through the cane fields home. I feel it was a good bonding experience. Ha ha. "You dead mon? Ya mon, I'm dead" (cool runnings refference) Thanks for helping me through the tail end there. I got home, ate, ate and ate. And managed to pull out a good hour run later. Not a hard run but I just felt that natural running again. Near the end Jeff and I picked it up a bit. Which felt great. Like Jeff said, "Make hay while the sun shines."

Friday was pretty easy. Swim was steady, ride oyo run off the bike. Yada yada yada.

Today was tough ride. Ouch. The idea was to have sort of an adventure race where you go around the western mountians. You can breakaway early and risk getting lost or any other tactic around a 120km loop. It got going early when Jeff broke away hard once out of town. He came flying by and I jumped onto his wheel. We worked really well together. We split up a bit into the climbs at the end which made for a hard grind home into the wind. Quite the struggle but what a workout. I feel I played it smart with my nutrition and pacing of the nutrition all with the watch. So the ride ended up taking 3 hours and 40 minutes. Drank Litres and Litres of water and rolled on home. 30min run later in the day and home for a rest.

Well I have been eating pretty much constant for the past 3 hours, 2 Litres of yogurt, Steak, Pasta, Almond sticks, a bowl of granola and a Jug of Lemonade. Yum. I do believe I am finally full!! Cup of tea and off to bed.

Buona Notte,

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