5 January 2009

Running Start to the year.

So with my run from 20-to-Midnight to 20-after out on the streets of Cordova Bay waving and yelling "Happy New Year" to others. I feel it was rather symbolic event concidering my goals for this year. Though it is hard to set goals from a triathlon-less year last year, there are certain goals I can make and if achieved I will be able to call it a successful year. Whatever the end result shall be.
So with last nights down pour I believe the snow is pretty well gone. So training in a cave should be at an end. Just Wet. Not a problem. I have one request. Either rain 'cats and dogs' or no rain at all.
So for my running I have ran two variations on an interesting workout. The workout is simple in that it is 30x[30sec @ 19km/h + 2% grade and 20sec rest] but the theory is that you are running 3.09 k's but you are almost fully recovered for every 30 sec effort and most important you hold your form which is invaluable at this point in the year. Other than that, a number of solid swims the always challenging trainer rides and one really difficult(for no reason except maybe rubbing brakes*excuse #1) hour cross ride in the frigid air.*Excuse #2

But speaking of training, My bike is calling.
Hope all is well,

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