16 January 2009

Ups and Downs, Literally and Figuratively

Ok so,
For the past couple of days I have had some ups and some downs.
Yesterday I began the day with a down. I struggled through a 5.5 km swim. It was basically 2 x 32 x 50's o9n 40sec. I had no problem making the pace time but with little strength i got through it simply through technique.
I got back to the Hostel and stuffed myself with everything I had in the kitchen and managed to bounce back for the ride in the afternoon. I felt fantastic on the bike. Rolling along on some of the best riding I have every experienced. Beautiful curving roads along the shore out to Hana. I believe there are 60 (Switchbacks) and 15 bridges all narrow challenging roads. The kinds of roads cyclists dream of. Absolutely Fantastico. Finished off the ride with 30min "steady" up the mountain.

This morning was back in the pool. Felt a lot better this morning but with no goggles for the first 3km or so my eyes were blood shot and difficult to see through. But I managed and had a good effort.

90minute ride soon after was an easy effort and we rode directly into a storm. (Thus the muddy wet photographs) But what fun! Absolutely soaked to the bone but warm rain. So not tooo refreshing but was certainly welcome in my books.

Well off to bed I go,
Some good efforts in store for tomorow.
Ciao for now,

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