9 January 2009

Just call me the Bionic Man

So here is some interesting technology. Not totally sure how it works but here is my struggling attempt to explain the mass of cords. Bare with me.... So there are a number of stragegically placed sensors that I believe send thousands of waves to the computer measuering their every movement. Thus giving you your exact range of motion. (Sort of a stick man on the screen of the computer) Plus it shows exactly how your knee tracks up and down. (Very important for injury prevention) Very cool. So a few changes in the saddle / foot position and I will be mechanically sound and maybe even a bit more wattage. Who knows.

Having too much Fun.
Feeling Fast. He he.

Thats all for tonight. Update soon, maui soon.
Ciao for now,


PT Performance Training said...

You forgot to mention that every time your bike position was 'off', I made sure those strategically placed LED's sent shock-waves through your body... LOL.

Have fun in Maui Andrew!


Andrew McCartney said...

Ha ha right of course! (I think one shock got to my head haha)

Thanks for the fit Noa.