27 December 2008

Good day....

First off I would like to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

Well pardon the break from blogging but here we go. There have been many developments since I have last posted. Running, running, running! I am pretty well fully running now. Including a number of good hard treadmill interval/hill runs. I had a steady walk/run progression starting at a simple 1min on min off for 10min slowly lengthening the run and shortening the walk portions. To today’s run which included 35min negative split running, 6 x minute hard, minute easy at 19km/h and 3% grade and cool down 5min. All has been on the treadmill not only cause of the ideal controlled environment but because of all the snow outside. I tried running in the snow. Not a good idea. Progression was slow and it was pretty much doing the “A” Drill for 40minutes or jumping off the road to avoid a semi-out-of-control car. I have been joining Scotty at PISE (Pacific Institute of sports excellence) The gym (for the time being) feels like a personal gym. We have the place to ourselves, some super fast treadmills. Plus with an Ipod you plug in your tunes or a movie and watch and listen to it right in front of you with a touch screen! We are spoiled. But Moral of the stories, I am running and loving it!

So some crazy fella, no names mentioned… convinced me it would be a good idea to join the cwp group for a early season 10km Christmas swim. Just a simple set of 10x10x100’s. My plan was to absolutely Burry myself in this workout and that I did. Started out Zippy and fast, ended sluggish and sore. No worries plenty of time to recover just…never again.

What now? Well I won’t be on the treadmill for much longer as come January 11th I will be off to Maui for some brilliant training! There is a climb in Maui 39miles long! Picture Mount Lemmon, plus 13miles, something like 4hours of climbing. 10,032 nautical ft. of climbing. I can’t imagine how long the descent would take. For those of you who don’t know Mt. Lemmon remember back to your Trigonometry lessons to find the average grade. For now it is wet, wet riding, treadmill running and getting in the miles in the pool.

Till Next time, Hope all is well
Ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney

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