20 October 2008

So whats new?

Well I am back at it sorta...I have done a 1km swim, a 25min Water run and a 30min spin on the bike and so far so good. The knee felt a tad tight to begin with but loosens off very quickly. With the stitches still in the range of motion is still limited by the swelling but each day my range is increasing. The plan is to do either Water run or spin on the trainer every day and swim regularly and I will keep posting my progress. Today while spinning on the bike I figured I should prepare for some motorpacing and thus I simulated taking full advantage of the draft. It's all about Visualization.

On the side while I recover I have been doing some year end maintainence on the big Harley er little... er... Piagio...The Scooter. Well anyway I feel like such a grease monkey. Grinding away at bits, sparks flying, greese on my face, dirty jeans. Yup fixin' up a scooter is pretty Hard Core. Ah spit....

Here's one for the overly polite people out there.... So for thanks giving I had a wonderful dinner at Dan Skinner's house with a bunch of very cool cyclists and his family members. Great food, good company and conversations. When I began to drive out to the house I forgot the address number... not a problem I know the road and I am sure I can pick it out as it is a relatively small street. So I arrive at the corner and see a lot of cars at this house. Obviously this is the place. So I grab my String Squash Salad. I walk up to the door ring the bell. I walk in take off my shoes. They were all so welcoming and interested in me. I am a little concerned that I don't recognize anyone. But had I figured I would not know everyone and that I will meet some new people. Dinner was not ready so they allowed me to put my string squash into the oven to keep it warm. Time is passing and I am being introduced to all these people. We were all having a good time. My concern increaded when some of them were smoking. But hey, I still feel I am new to the cycling world and well...who nows it may be the norm. See picture \/
So after a nice visit I said, "So where is Dan[Skinner] and when is he showing up?" Everything became clear. Everyone at once realized the great mistake that I had made and that I should probably think about leaving. This was not a second too soon as dinner was about to be served. As I left the door with my String Squash (nicely warmed up) I could here a large uproar of laughter. This explanes why I was late for dinner. This situation could only be possible with polite people on both sides of the situation and would go down as a Thanks Giving to remember on many levels.

Well that is all for now,
Hope all is well,
Ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney

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