21 September 2008

Victoria Cycling Festival

So I was convinced that the season would come to a conclusion about 2-3 weeks ago when my body seemed to be shutting down for the winter But with 5 days leading into the Victoria cycling festival I decided to whip myself back into shape. Just for fun. I seemed to feel stronger over the three events but I certainly was not 100%. First off was the Bear Mountain Resort Hill Climb. If there was any event that would show my lack of fitness it would be this climb. Sure enough I was off my personal Best and definitely didn't show my gains over the cycling season. Not too pleased but a good effort. The Apres-Climb party was fun and was a good opportunity to get to know the cycling community.

Saturday was the Oak Bay Bikes Criterium held at Windsor Park. Wow what a field! Out of the gun it was on. So fast! It did ease up further into the race as I managed to hang in through the constant attacks. I survived until it began to pour. The entire pack just shattered with people not willing to take the risk on the extremely slick roads. Now, gaped out with so many breaks in the pack, I kept the effort steady but it was inevitable that we would be pulled from the course.(good lesson in positioning) Overall pretty happy with my effort. Too bad about the rain.

Finally the event I had been looking forward to the most; The Q Bastion Square Cycling Grand Prix Criterium. What a course. Very European. My second Cat 3 event. I wanted to do something special, especially for the home crowd. Again the race began fast! I was in good position the entire race and on the offence. I kept attacking trying to get a break and I would go with every breakaway attempt. I had one solid opportunity staying away for 4-5laps but I was a marked man so it did not last. With 5 laps to go my back tire felt a bit squishy. I thought it was just mental (I was pretty tired at this point) but I had rode over some glass causing a slow leak. I finished in spit of the tire but in 6th. Again good effort but not the result I was hoping for.

Well I believe I am finally in off-season. Kind of blue about this. "Kind of" is probably an understatement... But you know it also means a begining of another so the cup is half full.... Definataly a fun way to finish the season. Reminds me of the song...

Queen -Bycicle Race.

" Bicycle races are coming your way,
So forget all your duties oh yeah! "

Well That is all for now,
Bed time.
A Year in Review should be posted soon.
Ciao ciao,

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