20 March 2008

In the big hard world

"I read somewhere... how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong... but to feel strong. "
-Christopher McCandles

What a Fantastic Day! Got up this morning to a crisp, quick and easy 3km swim in the pool.
Arrive home. Cook up some Blueberries Pancakes with mixed fruit topping. Rest well and this afternoon was the highlight of the day. I had a 2.5 hour ride on the schedule. I have been feeling a tad blue that we will be leaving this beautiful city soon. Plus there have been a number of experiences that I had yet to do. Visit the Grand Canyon, visit Sedona and of course the wonderful Snowbowl climb.

But today in my 2.5 hour ride, I rode out in the direction of Snowbowl alone. I arrived at the base and glanced at my watch. It would be perfect. I may just have enough time. So I did it. I climbed for what I believe to be 7miles of climbing. Not hard but hey in the words of Scotty, "Hills kills and always wills" but it didn't exactly kill, I mean how could it with such a view. It was stunning! snake like roads gusty winds and snow surrounding. When I arrived at the top I felt kind of out of place. Here I am in my spandex, mixed in with hundreds of snow boarders wondering what I was doing up here. The absolute peak of the mountain is about 12,633ft high but the ski village is 10,333ft. So correct me if I am wrong but it is about an avg. of 9% grade. The Descent was another challenge. Descending down tight corners at top speeds all the while keeping an eye out for gritty sand for when it gets icy. But the Descent was as brilliant as the climb. Riding home I had a smile from cheek to cheek.
Really, I was inspired by watching, "Into the Wild" and I wanted to see something spectacular and I will leave Flagstaff quite content. Plus much of the movie was filmed in Arizona so it feels familiar and the rest reminds me of Toffino.

Here is "Eddie Vedder - Hard Sun" The theme song and Video for "Into the Wild"

Hope all is well,
Ciao for now,

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