25 September 2007

So..Whats New?

Victoria Cycling Festival!!!

What an experience!

My favourite event by far would have to be the Bear Mountain Hill Climb! This hill was tough! Steep steep steep! I feel I worked it well. Pacing was good, gearing was good. The amount of weight taken off(bottle cages, bolts...etc) was probably put back on due to all the little peices of tape I put on my stem(Motivational words/reminders). He he. My time was 8.14 which was good enough for 5th place overall. (Cat1,2,3,4 and 5) Very happy. Results can be found HERE.

Oak Bay criterium, with Unlicenced status I was in the "B" group. I attemped a number of breakaways which were unsuccessful on such a open and flat course. I was always in the top 1/4 and was cornering very well. Last 5 laps I maintained my position on the 3rd wheel setting me up for a good sprint. I miss judged an attack with half a lap to go but luckly got on the second wheel and sprinted the last 100m for second place. What a fun event. Results can be found HERE.

Bastion Square was pouring rain...Blah. The course was very very slick especially with the first rain in some time, and especially on 'Crash Corner.' So I was very coutious, probably too coutious. Out front a pack of 6 began moving off the front and I moved to the front of my pack to close the gap someone began sliding out taking out most of the pack. So I was alone chasing after the cyclists who were at this point almost out of sight. So in no-mans land I worked each lap taking more and more risks. I moved into 3rd with 2nd up ahead 100m. Each lap I would close in 10m right to the finish were I crossed the finish line just short of 2nd. In the end Out of 25 or so 9 finished our race. With the super slippery conditions my parents and I were just happy that I kept the rubber-side down. But again, What a blast!

The festival was a lot of fun, many valuable lessons and a real postative experience. Right before the weekend began I made the finishing touches on my first sewing job. I turned an old Jacket that I never really wore into my new favourite Jearsey! --> SO RETRO!

As for training, Lots and lots of running, lots of cycling and the odd swim here and there. I have discovered the Joy of cyclocross! With the camp in Arizona we need a cyclocross bike. I found a Turner Cyclocross bike for a very cool deal. So I have been roaring through muddy trails and off-roading it through Mount Doug and Beaver Lake. See Picture HERE.

I have a new Base run rout leaving from my front door. As seen below. Turns out to be 20.1km long. I was kind of making it up as I go and for an hour and 25min run I can customize it by either adding a bit here or taking away there to fit the workout. It is always nice having a fresh new rout.

Whats Next?

On October 21st I will be competing in the my final triathlon of the season, Escape to Bermuda Triathlon. It is a part of the Escape from Alcatraz series. So no drafting!! I am borrowing some sweet Time Trial bars from Simon and with all the running I am doing it should be a good event. It just reminds me of the song, Wreckless Eric - Whole Wide World. Check it out.

Well ciao for now,

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Andrew Russell's Blog said...

Very impressive hill climb A-Mac, terawesome!

Good luck in Bermuda!