17 June 2007

The History of Bike... very odd and training.

Alternative look at history of one of mans greatest inventions.


Well it was a bit of a build back into training due to sore legs from cramping in the Vancouver World Cup. But I have had some solid training so far this week.

We had a mentally tough swim Friday Morning. The set consisted of:

800 mixed

MS 1: 2{4 x 50, 4x100 mid race pace}

MS 2: 40 x 50

Main set 1 I averaged 32's and 1.08's for the 100's finishing with .06

Main set 2 I set a goal of sub 34 and managed 33's for the entire set.

In the Afternoon I backed the swim up with a personal best set on the Beacon Hill Figure 8 loop. The Set was 3 times a loop which measures at just short of 3km. Splits were as follows: 9.07 9.00 and 9.02 Good training day, one for the books.

Saturday we were at Durrance Lake doing a swim/bike workout. I saw the great value of this set so I worked it. Set was 2 times 600m (maybe a little long) Steady effort. Then a 350m swim on to the bike. Willis Point hill, which starts out flat but quickly builds into a steep grind to the top for about a km and a half. The guys have given this hill a name that may be rated R but lets just say it is a killer of a hill. We would do this again only with a shorter swim and no wetsuit.

Observatory Hill

Sunday was a bloody tough day on the Observatory Mountain. But what a ride! The Observatory is the perfect hill. Starts out not too steep and curves along the side of the hill for about 2km and after a switchback it really begins to pick up steepening to quite the grind as you ride along-side a beautiful view of Downtown Victoria and then tucking close to a rock wall as you near the peak. What a ride... we did the hill 6 times(about a 6min effort to the Top) I really worked it hard. I tried to get everything I could out of this workout and that I did. Due to the fact that it was sunday and the New Ballence Ironman was on, the hill was closed to traffic!! This made for great opportunities to practice fast descending. Apexing every corner.

Well that is all for now,

Take Care,


Todays Top 5

Top 5 Bike routs in Victori

  1. Water Front (Great for wind and chasing Cars)

  2. Lands End (specifically with the Victoria Wheelers)

  3. Highlands (Especially Munns road)

  4. East Sooke Ride (98 km of up and down)

  5. Finlayson Arm (Steepest climb in Victoria)


The Smashing Pumpkins new Album, "ZEITGEIST" features the first single "Tarantula," now positioned at #3 on the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart. ZEITGEIST represents a powerful rebirth and reaffirmation of THE SMASHING PUMPKINS since there seperation in 2000. Should be amazing, looking forward to it.

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