22 May 2007

Tough Day In Paradise

Well the Honolulu ITU did not turn out the way I hoped it would. I feel that all the hard work leading into the first race of the season was not represented well in my results. Here's how the cookie crumbled:

Swim Course

Well due to my ranking of 28th I was forced to pick a spot on the far Left. With a shorter run into the water I was swimming while others were able to run longer into the water. I spent the entire first 750m, on my own, bridging up to Andy Potts and Brian Fleischmann. The entire second half of the 1500 Andy was really trying to get rid of us but I held on for the remainder of the swim. Exiting the water 2nd on Potts feet was so exciting Unfortunately, due to a poor transition I left in 3rd, 5m behind Fleischmann. Potts was trying to solo it, Fleischmann was chasing after his wheel and I was head down trying to get back on. I felt helpless as they slowly lengthened the gap.

Looking behind me, I could not see anyone so I began to Time Trial but I was swallowed up by a pack of 20 guys, 4km down the road. The course was flat as a pancake. There was just no power in my legs. My new lightweight bike felt like a thousand pounds. I just thought well perhaps they will come around. Because, that's what often happens in a race. Sometimes you have lulls.

Off the bike into Transition two I struggled to find my spot losing valuable time. For the first mile or so of the run, I moved from 12th to 11th then 10th and then it happened. Bang, I hit the wall so hard. I tried to muscle my way through it, keeping the pressure on hoping I would have a second wind but it just didn't come.


Well there are many lessons I can take from this experience in Honolulu. It is my second Olympic distance ITU triathlon, my first race of the season. That first Transition is going to be critical for me. I'll never know if I could have rode with Potts and Fleischmann, but if I miss them it can be a long wait for the next pack. So 19th at the USA Nationals...not what I was hoping for. I know it is a dangerous thing going into a race with expectations but I know I have more in me then that. I look forward now 2 weeks. 2 weeks till my first World Cup in Vancouver. I will learn from this race, park it and move on.

Well ciao for now,

Andrew McCartney

Todays Top 5

Top 5 soundtrack Tracks you need to listen to RIGHT NOW:

  1. From Napoleon Dynamite: When in Rome - The Promise (I am not baseing this on the Video...I promise)

  2. From Stranger Than Fiction: Wreckless Eric - Whole Wide world (Will Ferrell plays it well but you must see the original.)

  3. From Nacho Libre: Mr. Loco - Religious Man (I just find this is a good motivational song)

  4. From The Bourne Supremacy: Moby - Extreme Ways (Classic - one that will pass the test of time)

  5. From Stranger Than Fiction: Spoon - The Way We Get By (Feel like dancing?)

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