7 May 2007

In Good Company

How are YA!!

So “soon” is here at last. Back to the now old news, training has increased exponentially in the past month and a half! Craig Taylor will be returning to Ontario to take on the prestigious job of Ontario’s Provincial Development Coach. I believe I speak for everyone when I say best of luck to you Craig! You will be missed.

(Thats the guy there --> Fearlessly standing on the edge of the great Pacific Ocean)

So I have been moved up to a new training squad, with Joel Filiol as the coach of this hard core group of athletes. The training is tough, tough, tough! For the first week and a half I was struggling quite a bit with the jump in both volume and effort that I would walk around like a Zombie. Then it just clicked! All of a sudden I could handle it. I could smash (Work Hard) one workout and a few hours later smash another. My recovery skills have improved quite a bit…well they had to or else I would probably be sick 75% of the time or bonking every other workout.

As for my other news I still get giddy any time I walk past it. I am talking about my new steed for the season, my new stallion, the bike which will carry me through every race this season! Thanks to Fort St. Cycle and Cervelo I will be riding the new Cervelo Soloist Carbon! Of course you must name it… Andrew R. helped me with this decision with the perfect name, “La dolce Vita” (“The sweet life” in Italian) It is a blast to ride!

Beauty and the Beast

So I am in the final preparations for the Honolulu ITU Triathlon Pan American Cup which is also the USA National Championships. This will be my first chance to race along side Andy Potts. (Hopefully) What an opportunity! I hope to exit the water with him and from then on…well it is impossible to predict the outcome. This year will be a year of first times and many, many lessons.

Let the learning begin!!
Ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney

A Very Clever video for an amazing song. British Sea Power - "Remember me"

Today’s Top 5

Top 5 changes I have made to recover faster!

1. Whey Protein Powder in a VERY Tasty Shake After Workouts
2. Dips in the Ocean and Hot Tubs with Scotty
3. Massage at Least Once a Week
4. Chocolate Milk
5. Siestas


Anonymous said...

Hot tubs with Scotty, hmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

Will Craig be coaching out of Guelph ?

Andrew McCartney said...

Yes, I believe that is the spot.

Anonymous said...

Omg Who is that stud standing next to you in those pistures, he is sooo dreammy!!

Andrew McCartney said...

Well it is actually a she... her name is La Dolce Vita (my bike) but the weird looking guy beside me is Scotty.

Ciao for now,

J-Knap said...

Hey Fastguy,

I'm prepping for Brampton really, really well. Remember the two bouts of ITB issues I told you about? Well I went and dislocated my shoulder on friday. Yeah, I'm a genious.

Should be ok by then though.