23 January 2007

If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds' worth of distance run

Quick Question:

The Earth's shape is which of the following:

a) A perfect Sphere
b) More Like an Eclips
c) More like a Potato
d) None of the Above

-see below for answer

I am studying for a Geography midterm, specifically GIS (Geographic Information System) Whenever I mentin that I am taking a lot of Geography classes, some one will inevitably ask, "So what's the capital of Peru?" But its really so much more than places and names. Its everything from the physical history of the world, the big bang, plate techtonics to the most current issues you read about in the paper everyday like managing our resources creating sustainable communities (Social geography) and climate change.

Anyway, in an effort to learn more about good sports nutrition, I went to the Health Expo. this past weekend while most of it deals with Bone Density and Weight Loss, I went especially to hear Dr. John Berardi, who has been the sports nutritionist to a lot of successful american Olympic teams. It would be great to have him come and speak at PacSport. Apparently athletes should eat evey 2-3 hours and at each of these meals there should be a protein along with a fruit or Vegetable (A 1:4 Ratio) Interesting guy (He isn't actually this buff in real life)

Ok and so for the highlights of the past 4 days or so:

Saturday...what a beautiful ride! Base ride along the shore around town along Dallas Road. It was delayed an hour due to ice on the road. Sat in a coffee shop for an hour and all was melted. Turned into a very sunny and very warm day out on the roads. I knew I'd overdressed!

Sunday the usual base run at the lake for the Vikes. The Lake waters are down. Everythings drying up.

New to my schedule, "a Monday". Due to a busy Wed school schedule my day off has been moved from Monday to Wednesday. So a swim and a rollers for Monday. Rollers was a blast once again I realized after I was riding with a flat. Fixed it and it became quite a bit easier. I was back to my old tricks with the addition of "One hand, One Leg."

All this brings us to today. Break point set in the morning. The set was this:
3x{4x50 3x100}
I hit my number of 32sec with 31 strokes for the 50's and 1.06 with 32 strokes/50 for the 100's. Solid set and finished it all off with about a km of kick.

Off to the Track in the afternoon for a very joyful run with the Vikes. Boy, It doesn't matter what troubles or stresses await you out in the world these guys can make you laugh. But as for the workout the set goes as follows:

2X{ 400m 300m 200m 100m} Awsome set! I rounded the track at what was to be percieved 1km pace here are the times: 1.01(400) .44(300) .29(200) 12(100) The second set was similar.

Well Tomorow is day off and I need this one. Umph.
Ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney

Todays Top 5

Top 5 songs I want you to "legally" download right now!(trust me)

  1. Silversun Pickups - Lazy eye (My new Favourite song)
  2. Patrick Watson - Drifters (I love this Music Video)
  3. Rob Szabo - Breaking even (Feel good song)
  4. KT Tunstall - Suddenly I see (A Fun song)
  5. Nouvelle Vague - Guns of Brixton (Cover of Clash)

mmm potato Answer= c


Adamo said...

Hey Andrew-or should I say wheels!!!
Sounds like you are starting to roll and most importantly, enjoying it. No better way to work hard.
Here's another great song for you:
Elbow-switching off
Also a bit different, but Cat Powers also has some great tuneage.
take care and keep rolling.

Andrew McCartney said...

Thanks Adam,
Thanks for the suggestion, I like your taste.
Ciao for now,

Anonymous said...

The quote you have placed on your blog site regarding "unforgiving minutes and distance run" is part of a poem written long before you were born by Rudyard Kipling entitled IF. I let you know this so that you might be able to give the author the proper acknowledgement.

Andrew McCartney said...

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I normally write the proper author. I would never intentionally take credit for something that is not mine. 'If' by Rudyard is by far my favourite poem and I try to live my life with it in mind.
Hope you enjoy my blog.